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At OneBeacon®, our knowledge and expertise, combined with powerful coverage solutions, can help prevent injuries to your employees by promoting safe operations.  We can also help protect your business by effectively addressing injuries when they occur.  Learn more about our approach to managing workers compensation claims.

Cindy Van Eyll

Cindy Van Eyll

Vice President, Workers Compensation Claims
Office: 952.852.0828

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OneBeacon businesses offering workers compensations insurance solutions:

OneBeacon Accident Group® focuses on analyzing and developing unique accident solutions for the transportation, non-subscription and corporate accident marketplace, while also developing specialized accident insurance programs.

OneBeacon Entertainment® provides specialized commercial insurance products, including professional liability coverages, for the entertainment, sports and leisure industries.

OneBeacon Financial Services™ offers policies created specifically for the unique insurance needs of financial services companies and community banks.

OneBeacon Technology Insurance™ solely focuses on the technology industry, making it a source for technology insurance and risk management needs.